Full MoonApril 8th Libra

New Moon – April 23rd Taurus.

Serious Saturn enters inspirational, forward thinking, Aquarius: Reordering Structures and Developing Innovation. We need to be prepared for the unexpected and the unpredictable.


March 23rd 2020 – March 8th 2023.

The breaking down of old structures are the order of the day and change is certainly in the air!  


This is a time when friends will be extremely important to you, there will be a greater community spirit in the air as we realize that we can’t achieve much by ourselves.  There will be an involvement with clubs and groups of one kind or another, this group identity could be politically inclined, work related or an online support group. There may be spare time activities with a sports team, people who are interested in artistic pursuits, or special interests. 


You will make achievements as part of a team.  At work, you will have to work in co – operation with and possibly in charge of others; both you and your associates could try to achieve something which would be of benefit to humanity, your attitude may be somewhat idealistic but possibly rather impractical at times.  It would be best to avoid being drawn into fixed ideologies or conspiracy plans and ideas which don’t leave room for differences of opinions.


As soon as Saturn enters Aquarius, it will immediately begin a catalytic square with Uranus in Taurus, (The pandemic). We need to keep in mind that these aspects will be with us until March 2023.


Both Taurus and Aquarius are fixed signs and are very stubborn in nature, neither one is prepared to surrender if they think they are right.  We will immediately feel the volatizing impact of Uranus through the questioning of boundaries we erect in our life and start a process of restructuring them. Rather than holding on to old concepts we will become more interested in experimenting and starting to break free from whatever the status quo has been for us.

ARIES: March 21st – April 20th

Happy Birthday Aries! Take extra care with your health!  There may be times when you feel exhausted or ‘under par’, or an irritating health condition may annoy you.  It is time when you will need robust resources, so attend to any frustrating health issues promptly.  The more attention you pay to good nutrition and health practices, the more resilient you will be.  Conserve your nervous and emotional energies too.  Stay calm and focused – it will greatly boost your inner reserves of stamina and fortitude.  The Full Moon on the 8th shines the spotlight onto the state of your relationships and communication with some people will be rather intense and there are times when the flow will be blocked.  Thoughtful discussions will be necessary to nurture a return to openness and to help you dissolve barriers and bridge gulfs.  The New moon on the 23rd indicates money owing to you should come in and there may be a government benefit that you are entitled to.  Also, your partner may have some good fortune.


TAURUS: April 21st – May 21st

An urgent or dominating task will eclipse other duties for a while this month, it will demand your total focus and energy, timing pressures will be tight, a colleague or client may be anxiously pushing you, and there may be a lot to be covered at high speed.  Watch for friction on the job, as the atmosphere or conditions could get a little tense, plus you could feel frazzled occasionally and react to situations in an emotional or fiery fashion.  Soothe yourself and the atmosphere with calmness and patience and you will help ease contentious vibes and promote a smoother flow of work. The Full Moon on the 8th falls directly in your work area and there could be a change of personnel, or staff may be away this month, which could throw extra tasks your way abruptly.  The New Moon on the 23rd is the ideal time to express your talents and personality in a very different way.  It is time to contact friends and relatives you have not spoken to for some time.


GEMINI: May 22nd – June 21st

Romantic vibes will echo through April, apart from the magic of ultra – romantic dates and the tender togetherness that loving signals and messages create, there could be a solid development in your relationships that takes it to a deeper level of commitment.  If you are in a new relationship, this will grow from strength to strength both in chemistry and communication.  If you are in an established union, a common focus with a special project, the joy of your children and sharing highlights or achievements with them, important decisions involving significant amounts of money, and making plans for a long – awaited goal will reinforce the loving ties and union between you.  The Full Moon on the 8th shines the spotlight on your children, grandchildren and those you mentor, there may be a need to give some of them some extra help and guidance as issues of low self esteem or anxiety may need to be addressed.  You may even intuitively connect with them and sense developments before they are expressed.  The New Moon on the 23rd indicates that even if you are socially  isolating you’ll be able to make good use of your time by nourishing your relationships with your loved ones which may include sharing recipes in order to create some delectable meals.  


CANCER: June 22nd – July 22nd

The home area will be a buzz with activity and the coming weeks is an ideal time to declutter your home and to assimilate new conditions into family routines. Household duties and chores will be hard work and will set a fast, strenuous tempo.  A simmering conflict in some quarters could erupt abruptly, presenting an ideal opportunity to deal with it directly, forthrightly and positively.  At work you may resume a task or project that was begun some time back; alternatively, the situation you encountered previously could arise again.  There will be echoes of the past in connection with your work.  You may even work alongside a colleague you knew at an earlier time in your career and this time you can relate to one another in a whole new way.  The Full Moon on the 8th indicates that your mother or an older female relative may the source of concern.  The New Moon on the 23rd is the ideal time for reconnecting with friends on social media.


LEO: July 23rd – August 23rd

Family harmony may be a little fragile this month, there could be a tendency for bickering, which could make you feel quite impatient and annoyed.  There will be so much activity in the household too, that this will generate friction – however, with people coming and going and so much happening, it will be practically impossible for spats to last very long.  Socially this will be an expansive month, you will meet heaps of new people even if it is only online.  Lay the foundations for friendships and enjoy yourself immensely with pleasing social companions, your friends and the friends of your partner and children. The Full Moon on the 8th indicates that you may need to spread yourself a little thinner than usual.  There will be a rush of jobs cast your way and tasks that may have to be done by ear, as directions may be a little sketchy.  The New Moon on the 23rd indicates that auspicious developments will pour more money into your pocket.


VIRGO: August 24th – September 23rd

A raise, bonus, government incentive or the chance to make a special financial score will be reason to celebrate. An ambitious plan that requires financial backing could gather momentum as April unfolds.  There will be a series of important decisions in connection with this.  Auspicious trends on the job should bring intriguing offers and rewarding results with your endeavours.  It will be a vigorous month with much to be accomplished, but the advantageous conditions that promote your interests will energise you and provide plenty of attractive incentive.  Your relationship with a superior or a colleague in a senior position should be very positive and congenial, or will improve considerably.  The Full Moon on the 8th warns you to be careful of your spending habits as you may really blow a big hole in your budget. The New moon on the 23rd is the ideal time for self – education and learning about overseas countries and how they handle current challenges.


LIBRA: September 24th – October 23rd

April will be a full – on, busy month.  You will need to be focused and disciplined as the pace will be strenuous and constant.  Ambitious targets will be in your sights and although a big push will be necessary to reach them all it will be worth it.  A professional situation will throw light on your skills and talents.  You will receive plenty of attention, recognition and praise and it should give your self – confidence and morale a strong boost.  Extra money will come in, but there will be large outlays and streams of small expenses that take funds out quickly.  You may be a little amazed at how much money you go through and how fast you do it.  The Full Moon on the 8th falls directly in your sign and there could be a turbulent emotional patch to deal with on the home and family front.  You need to keep in mind that you can – not please all the people all the time.  The New Moon on the 23rd brings you a well – deserved result or triumph on the work front.



SCORPIO: October 24th – November 22nd

A major shift in your thinking will lead to intensive re-evaluations.  This shift could come about through an unusual event, which suddenly gives you a whole new perspective on a situation. April will be a strenuous month and you’ll need to be self – motivated and highly organized to keep abreast of the demanding pace.  Some tasks or problems will require creative ingenuity, others will require great patience and persistence.  If you are in your own business now is the ideal time to market your skills and expertise, your customers and clients will be supportive and only too happy to help pass your brand on. Be prepared for sudden requests from superiors too, which may increase your work – load.  This should be a successful period with results that are a credit to you, but it could also be wearing.  The Full moon on the 8th indicates a need to take better care of your health.  The New Moon on the 23rd ushers in a fresh start in love relationships and friendships.   


SAGITTARIUS: November 23rd – December 21st

Romance will have overtones of friendship, you will be a companion, confidante and friend to your partner and vice versa.  If you are single, a friend could play matchmaker and introduce you to an attractive new person, alternatively, a friendship could take a romantic flavour. Funds will need to be allocated carefully this month.  Large commitments, or a target you are budgeting to reach, will call for a strict control of spending.  There may be a few additional family and domestic outlay’s approaching which need to be incorporated into your plans, but you will have a reasonable idea of how much money these will entail.  The Full moon on the 8th indicates that there are likely to be issues with friends, acquaintances and colleagues and their conspiracy theories.  You are too level – headed to buy into this train of thought. The New Moon on the 23rd is the ideal time to start new jobs both at home and at work. 


CAPRICORN: December 22nd – January 20th

Additional family activities and commitments will keep you very busy, you may find yourself being looked upon as one of the mentor or leaders of your clan.  Younger people, siblings, neighbours and relatives will be looking to you for guidance.  Your grounded and no – nonsense advice will be very much sought after. A special meeting will produce favourable results.  The arrangements you arrive at and the accord you share with loved ones will be most pleasing.   Surprise information will shed light on a confusing matter, these insights are beneficial for you and will be quite providential and timely happening. The Full Moon on the 8th warns you that a loose end or an unfinished business matter causes extra pressures or confusion on the work front.  The New Moon on the 23rd   indicates that spontaneous romantic fun is on the cards and that your dry sense of humour and famous out of the blue ‘one – liners,’ is about to win friends and influence people.      


AQUARIUS: January 21st – February 19th

With Saturn now in your sign this will be a soul – searching time which will set the tone of serious reflection.  You will look deep into your heart, redefine what you want, and set new goals.  You will learn a considerable amount about yourself, other people and conditions in your life.  Your contemplation will bring new insights of experiences you have recently had, perhaps you have misjudged others and see things in a different light.  Supportive action from a colleague delights you and a deep and meaningful communication covers important territory. The Full Moon on the 8th indicates that fixed ideologies and a stubborn nature are not likely to go down well with people you do not know well.  The New Moon on the 23rd indicates that a get together will turn back the clock – reminiscing and enjoying it.


PISCES: February 20th – March 20th

You will push yourself hard for specific objectives, the pressure will be on and you will need to force the pace and sustain it to reach your goals.  You might need to forgo personal plans, so that you can focus with determination and discipline on the main tasks at hand.  Be prepared, for hassles in the form of sudden extra chores or minor problems to be dealt with, especially at times when you can hardly squeeze another thing into your already overloaded schedule.  It should be a productive and successful month for you. Colleagues will be singing your praises, bringing you accolades and recognition!  The Full Moon on the 8th warns you to be careful about stepping on the toes of bosses and colleagues at work.  The New moon on the 23rd is the ideal time to update your knowledge or to learn more about technology.