The principles of Astrology contend that, apart from hereditary traits and environmental influences, there are potentials within individuals which are linked to their birth.

The concepts relating to each zodiac sign did not happen overnight. They have been over 6000 years in the making and have flourished in civilizations around the world. Astrological knowledge has been built up through observation if you take note of the characteristics of people born under the various star signs you will see a pattern.

You can’t miss the confidence and initiative of Aries; the practicality and loyalty of Taurus, the bright versatility of Gemini; the sensitivity and emotion of Cancer; the pride and determination of Leo; the analytical logic of Virgo; the love and harmony and sociability of Libra; the intensity and strength of Scorpio; the resourcefulness and resilience of Sagittarius; the trustworthiness and reserve of Capricorn; the cleverness and universality of Aquarius and the compassion and softness of Pisces. 

Each Planet has both negative and positive characteristics and rules certain zodiac signs, both mental and physical, as well as things concrete and abstract. The basis of Astrology is that the planets exert an influence on our lives every day, especially the ebbs and flows of the Moon.

Each person has a Moon Sign that exerts an influence on their lives. Your Moon sign is found by using an Ephemerides which a trained Astrologer has learned to interpret the symbols of the signs and the planets. Our emotions change every day, just like the tides of the ocean ebb and flow and both are strongly affected by the Moon’s exit and entry into different zodiac signs and whether the Moon is a Full Moon or New Moon.

Full Moons are always ideal times to bring projects to an end and will tend to heighten our emotions, whilst New Moons are ideal times for fresh starts and positive emotions.

The Moon journeys its way through all 12 zodiac signs and remains in each one for approximately 2 and 1/2 days. When an astrologer calculates your progressed moon one day is equivalent to one year. Therefore if you were born on 27 August 1965 you have a Virgo moon sign and your progressed Moon is in Leo your 12th house. Indicating that you have a highly analytical mind and that for the next 2 and 1/2 years you will be taking a retreat from the hurly-burly of life whilst you work what truly what makes you tick and what you need to make you happy. Your intuition will be heightened during this period and it is an ideal time to learn to meditate or to go on a series of inner journeys.

Astrology – Progressed Moon Report 2020

What does 2020 Hold?
This is not only a general forecast for 2020, but provides guidance on love, career, finances, health, family life, and spiritual development. Your progressed Moon Report highlights your Moon Sign and a two and 1/2 year forecast of what is up ahead on every area of your life including. 

These are 1hr voice recordings and provide a character analysis through Astrology and places everyone in their right place; it gives them a blueprint of the opportunities they were born to accomplish and shows them the best way to live their life. Happiness, success and the joy of living are rewards for those who wisely follow the destiny of their Moon sign. 

To forecast this accurately for you Francis requires:
 Your name
 Your date of birth (date/month/year) 
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Price: $350.00 AUD includes GST.
Note: Please allow 5 working days for your order to be processed. 


Thanks for the extremely accurate reading yesterday. 

You accurately identified myself going through job changes at the moment and as I work towards my goal of education using my past experiences to assist me (midwifery/ nursing). Yes, public speaking on awareness is definitely on the increase as I gain more confidence. You clearly described our children and families very well. 

– Karen – Darwin, Australia


I just wanted to say thank you for your amazing reading last Friday night. It has given me so much more patience knowing that everything is as I have been feeling and your validation has given me the ability to direct my energy to where I need right now; work wise and my current life situation and allowing the space and time and trusting the universe for my new life in Canada, just give it the time it needs.

So thank you again, I will happily recommend you to anyone who needs professional, grounded advice and direction.

– Natalie – Melbourne, Australia