Francis has published two books. Booth books can be purchased directly from Francis or through his dear friend, Shaz Cini.

Feel free to contact Francis to purchase a copy of one of his books. Or you’ll see them at Shaz’s stall when she’s at a Mind, Body, Spirit Festival (MBS Festival) or other festivals. You can find out when Shaz is at an MBS Festival here.


Your Future By Reading The Cards


The ancient Tarot pack consists of two parts, called the major and minor arcanas. Today’s playing cards are derived from the minor arcanas, the only exception being the joker, which coincides with The Fool of the Major Arcana.

Many of us would like to learn to predict the future but are put off by the mysterious methods of complicated instructions of most types of divination.

In fact, anyone can predict the future – simply by reading the hidden meanings of a pack of ordinary playing cards. In your Future By Reading the Cards, Francis Bevan demonstrates clearly and concisely how to learn the ancient art of card – reading. His concise and easy -to- read book. Lists all the meaning of the cards. Explains the various reading methods, with the aid of various numerous illustrations. Shows how to look into the past as well as the future. Presents a fascinating collection of real case histories, including actual predictions and their outcomes.

A valuable introduction to Psychic Development and card reading. Your Future by Reading the Cards can provide useful personal guidance and plenty of entertainment for you and your friends.

This book has become so popular that it’s been translated into Finnish and published in Finland by Karisto Oy.

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The Handbook of Psychic Development

Francis Bevan believes that all of us can learn to develop our intuitive and psychic abilities through patience, dedication and practice. Humans use their psychic abilities unconsciously in day to day living more than we realize. Whenever we walk into a room or building we sense its atmosphere. Whenever we meet people for the first time we can instantly tell if we like them.

The Handbook of Psychic Development is a comprehensive and practical guide to Psychic Development and self-awareness. Through the history and myths of the playing cards, and how to discover their hidden meanings. An exploration of the Tarot and its relationship to everyday life. Past Lives, Mediumship, Psychometry, Photograph reading, spiritual development, Numerology and Astrology. Professional clairvoyant Francis Bevan provides an insight into solving and predicting your path in all aspects of life.

The Handbook of Psychic Development also includes a fascinating collection of case histories which illuminate the power of self-awareness. A special section is devoted to those who wish to become involved in the psychic field, and there are hints for the consumer on how to avoid the charlatan reader. The Handbook of Psychic Development is an essential guide for everyone interested in learning more about themselves – now and in the future.

This book is dedicated to Darrell, Doreen and Shayne.

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I strongly recommend your books to anyone who wants to learn how to develop their psychic abilities. “Your Future by Reading the cards” is my favorite and has come into my life quite a few times throughout my years and cartomancy is one of my favourite styles of reading and it has served me and others well. I use the 2 36xcard methods a lot. I find it very accurate. I ordered it again as my old one was stored for a long time and there were some pages missing, lol. This is the book I seem to be led back to every time.

Thank you so much for the effort you put in to create this valuable piece. It is one thing to read but always intrigues me as to how someone can create such a book. I mean how certain cards have meanings which provide knowledge and understanding through source driven means. Anyway just wanted to express my gratitude.
– Shereeann – Queensland, Australia


Queensland, Australia