NOVEMBER 22nd – DECEMBER 22nd 2020.





Neptune is the planet of illusion, deception, drugs and alcohol, and escape.  Sometimes the energies of this planet are difficult to deal with especially when it forms a square or opposition to another planet.  People and circumstances are not always as straightforward or as open as you would like, and nothing is quite what it seems. Which makes it difficult to see through smoke screens and to get at the truth of what is really going on, your rose-colored glasses need to be removed. The best way to deal with strange situations is to trust your gut, if something doesn’t feel right it very often isn’t.  You need to fight for a sense of proportion and perhaps not take life so seriously.  If you are at all creative or psychic the influence of this planet will heighten your inspirations, intuitions, and insights.  

ARIES: March 21st – April 20th

With the Sun in Sagittarius, it will certainly be helpful to those of you who deal professionally with travel, foreign affairs, and import/export.  You may suddenly develop an interest in self – improvement, it is time to learn the language you have been thinking about and perhaps pick up a new skill to help increase your chances of promotion at work.  The planets are encouraging you to paint on a broader canvas in life and to be more daring.  This is certainly not a time to stick to routine and die-hard habits.  Neptune indicates that people are going to be somewhat absent-minded and changeable and it might be a good idea to double-check any arrangements you may have with them.  Do not become insecure if they want to cancel, try to accept their decision with grace rather than think it has anything to do with you personally. The Full Moon on the 30th indicates that problems with your mother or other family members is likely, you may also suffer from feelings of envy and jealousy.  The New Moon on the 14th is a good time to check out a new venue or to get out somewhere different with friends who can make you laugh; you need to let off steam.


TAURUS: April 21st – May 21st

This is the ideal time for sorting out official matters, as those you need to deal with will be open-minded to your point of view.  If you have been concerned about whether a flatmate or business partner can continue to meet their share of expenses something will occur which will put your mind at rest.  This is the ideal time to make fresh starts and to adopt new attitudes.  Neptune indicates that you can’t rely upon promises from family or friends; oh, they mean well but circumstances may prevent them from fulfilling their obligations. Taurus, it’s up to you to stand on your own two feet and it might be a good idea to take what other people say now with a grain of salt especially if it seems just a little too good to be true.  The Full moon on the 30th indicates that you may overhear something that could hurt your feelings, some people unfortunately can be rather tactless.  If you must drive do not drink as you are likely to have one too many!  The New Moon on the 14th indicates that other people are going to be lucky for you opening horizons that you had not even considered. Financially you can afford to spoil yourself and someone close.


GEMINI: May 22nd – June 21st

With the Sun in Sagittarius, there will be many changes, developments, and adjustments with loved ones to adapt to and also at work.  Other people may have bright ideas and you may have to listen to what they have to say because, although they may create jealousy or envy within you, nevertheless, if you keep this in control and join forces with them, it will only benefit you both in the end.  Rivals and competitors may be at work, but you are going to be one step ahead of them!  Neptune indicates that confusion is likely at work as nobody seems to be able to give you straightforward answers to simple questions. It may be difficult to work out what the situation is.  However, if you really think it is time to extend your horizons, let nothing stand in your way, but be certain of your destination before starting out, otherwise you will be no better off than where you are now.  The Full Moon on the 30th unfortunately occurs in the cash area of your life which could either mean a loss of a source of income or a treasured possession.  This is certainly not a time to gamble.  The New Moon on the 14th is the ideal time for mixing business with pleasure.


CANCER: June 22nd – July 22nd

The Sun is in your 6th house and so this is a useful time for getting all those chores done, both at home and at work, and for attending to your garden.  It is a useful and positive time for those who work in the health or service industries.  Your relationships with colleagues should be improving and past differences can be swept away.  For those of you who have been unwell, this is a good time for dealing with health professionals.  Neptune advises you not to take anything for granted, even your long-made plans can suddenly become confused and vague.  Stick to what you can do with your eyes closed and plan your adventurous moves for a better day.  Problems are likely with foreigners and This is not the best time to travel as delays and confusions are likely.  Also, those you are romantically involved with may not be seeing eye to eye with your parents or other relatives. The Full Moon on the 30th indicates that drama is likely at home and you are wise not to overdo the drink intake or to eat too much rich food.   The New Moon on the 14th throws a rosy glow over your ambitions and many of you will be receiving some good news at work.   


LEO: July 23rd – August 23rd

The next few weeks should be a profitable and happy time if you are involved with the arts, children, and entertainment.  If this is the case, push ahead with all your important plans.  There will be a lighthearted feel about professional matters and the more you combine business with pleasure the greater chances of finding success. Time spent with your children or younger people will be fun and enlightening, who knows you may well learn something new!  Neptune indicates that you will be checking the financial situation of people you are dependent on, whether this is your partner or flatmate.  Insecurities seem rife, you may or may not have reason to doubt that others can meet their end of expenses, but before you throw any wild accusations, it might be a good idea to talk to them sensibly and quietly.  The Full Moon on the 30th indicates that if you become bossy or arrogant that someone will be quick to put you in your place. Let the more compassionate you shine!  The New Moon in the 14th indicates that romance is well – starred so if you are single make sure that you are looking good and get out into life in a big way!    


VIRGO: August 24th – September 23rd

This is a positive time for those of you involved with renovations, property, or family matters.  It could also be a clever move to mix business with pleasure and invite colleagues, clients, and competitors back to your home for a drink or a meal.  When it comes to socializing you are going to opt for simple pleasures, a quiet meal with somebody you care about, or perhaps an impromptu phone call to some of your closest buddies.  Neptune indicates a need to take care of the romantic front as not everything is what it seems.  You need to be careful about deceiving yourself or creating unnecessary dramas.  Danger has a way of making situations seem more attractive, but in the end, you realize that everything was far more trouble than it is worth.  A thought to bear in mind when you develop a passion for someone unavailable.  The Full Moon on the 30th indicates that some troubles may develop with your social plans and not to be too trusting with new acquaintances.  The New Moon on the 14th indicates that wise advice will be forthcoming from female members of the family and providing you listen you will find that their words are full of wisdom.


LIBRA: September 24th – October 23rd

The Sun in Sagittarius brings with it plenty of news in connection with friends and contacts, plus the chance to take a short trip.  You’ve loads of good ideas, too, so make sure you jot them down before distractions wipe them from your mind.  Those of you hoping to hear from a sibling or close relative should not be disappointed, and, in fact, they may even be paying you a surprise visit.  If you are involved in sales work, advertising, or the media the next few weeks sees a return of confidence with your work.  Neptune indicates that someone at work may not be totally honest and it is important that you be protective of your own interests.  Also, your health may suffer from a tendency to give in to excess food and drink and perhaps insufficient sleep. The Full Moon on the 30th indicates at work you will be expected to be efficient and down to earth and be careful not to trifle with other people’s emotions.  All in all, watch your step as it will be difficult to avoid displeasing at least one person.  The New Moon on the 14th is the ideal time for considering entertaining at home you will certainly be pleasing your guests and making them laugh.



SCORPIO: October 24th – November 22nd

The Sun is in your financial house and it is those who are involved with money on a professional level who will be positively shining.  It is a good time for putting a strategy into place for your long-term financial security, sorting out your Superannuation, or dealing with financial advisers and experts. So, if you need some advice shelf that pride and go to the experts. Loved ones who are hoping to extract some cash from you are in for a hard time; you are into saving and are certainly not keen to part with your hard-earned finances.  Neptune indicates that problems are likely romantically and to do with children, you must do your best not to let little things undermine your relationships.  It seems that you and your partner may not agree about the best way to handle a situation where a young person is concerned.  This needs to be talked through sensibly and calmly.  The Full Moon on the 30th indicates that emotions are going to be heightened and that you may not care for a colleague’s or relatives’ attitude but do your best to avoid misunderstandings. The New Moon on the 14th is the ideal time for sorting out money matters.


SAGITTARIUS: November 23rd – December 21st

Happy Birthday, Sagittarius!  With the Sun in your sign for the next few weeks, you will be flooded with solar power, confidence, and a feeling that all is fine in your own little world.  Those of you who are self – employed, freelance workers, bosses, or supervisors will find life a good deal less complicated and others far more cooperative than usual.  Opportunities will crop up when you least expect them, so make sure you are ready to grab them with both hands.  This is a time of year when you can quite easily get your own way with people, especially if you use a degree of tact, diplomacy, and charm.  Neptune indicates that confusion is likely on the home front and that you need to be careful of misunderstandings and odd little happenings that set you back in terms of time and wasted energy.  Do your best to take these in your stride and do not magnify small irritants into major dramas.  The Full Moon on the 30th indicates that you have had to put up with an unsatisfactory situation or undesirable behavior on the behalf of someone else for far too long and there must be a showdown.  The New Moon on the 14th is the ideal time for making changes, whether it is a new health regime, a new look, or a new set of friends.


CAPRICORN: December 22nd – January 20th

The Sun is coasting along in your 12th house, the secretive side of your chart and it is especially good for jobs which need a great deal of discretion, and if you are involved with research or investigation that you will be raking in praise and recognition too.  Time spent alone will not be wasted, as it will allow you to rejuvenate and regenerate.  Secrets are likely to be revealed and it is a good idea to be as discreet with anything you do not want others to know about.  Neptune indicates that you should take care when traveling from place to place, methods of transport could let you down and minor prangs are not altogether out of the question. An older person may be awkward and perverse, however, you need to watch what you say, as there is no need for sarcasm.  The Full Moon on the 30th indicates that you will need to be prepared for loved ones to be impulsive, rash, and even a little stressed out and bad-tempered. Unless you are in the mood to deal with this kind of behavior you are best to find company elsewhere. The New Moon on the 14th indicates that your instincts are about to give you insights into a confusing situation.


AQUARIUS: January 21st – February 19th

The Sun in Sagittarius highlights your connection to friends and networking; it is particularly good for teamwork and anything where you need other people to back you up.  You may change your objectives and this is an ideal time for doing so.  Your progress will be thriving, and you’ll have many reasons for celebration.  The freelance worker should do extremely well, too, as contacts will be in touch far more than is usually the case with offers of work or opportunities which they think will be ideal for you.  Neptune is creating a lot of confusion on the money front, do make certain that you can cover your expenses and, if not, don’t build up more credit than you can handle. You are best to opt for inexpensive entertainment; after all, it is the company you keep not how much money you spend that counts!  The Full Moon on the 30th indicates that people at work may be uncooperative and even evasive and the best thing to do is to keep to yourself until this mood passes.  The New Moon on the 14th seems to indicate that wherever you go people are only too happy to see you and to help you in whatever way they can.


PISCES: February 20th – March 20th

The Sun is in the most ambitious part of your chart, and you may be inclined to neglect the more personal side of life and there is sure to be some loud protests should this be the case.  Many of you will be signing contracts or will be provided with the chance to travel for the sake of professional matters.  Certainly, if you are unemployed this is the time to step up your efforts and to do something constructive about it, if you have faith in yourself, this will rub off on other people.  Neptune indicates that people and situations are not going to be what they seem to be.  Although it’s true that some people may be out to deceive you, in the main, it is simply a point of your contacts being in an indecisive and confused state of mind.  The Full Moon on the 30th indicates issues on the romantic front, you need to know when to switch off from your ambitions and to focus on your loved ones who have been waiting for you to come home.  The New Moon on the 14th is the ideal time to look for advantageous moves at work. A good sense of timing and an enterprising spirit will help you make progress.