Full MoonMay 7th Scorpio.

New Moon – May 22nd Gemini.

Venus planet of passion, love and beauty in Gemini squares the planet of delusion, deception and illusion –

Neptune in Pisces:

 2020 – May 3rd – August 8th.

Venus Square Neptune

Venus square Neptune leads to feelings of low self – esteem and insecurity. You could be destroying a relationship, friendship or association through jealousy, possessive behaviour and an inability to trust others.

 A poor self-image can lead to relationship difficulties, arguments, separations and divorces. On the other – hand there is a tendency to over-idealize romantic interests, to deceive yourself by ignoring the obvious faults which are plain for others to see.

 Being taken advantage of by scammers or being someone’s doormat can also be a feature of this transit. This is very easy to deal with if you are in a healthy relationship due to mutual understanding and trust. Relationships on rocky grounds would be more problematic, matters of trust may become an issue. Starting an affair at this time would prove difficult to hide and your partner is certain to find out!

 New relationship begun at this time may be confusing and you would be best to wait until after this transit before committing yourself.

A lack of self-discipline makes this a time when you will be tempted by the influence of alcohol and sugary treats. Strange dreams are likely, and you may be more susceptible to poisoning in general. Addiction is likely if you were to dabble in drugs.

A positive way to deal with this transit is to start a regular exercise routine and to become accountable for self -indulgences, whether this is in wine, chocolate and all those yummy things that oh so nice but oh so naughty!

ARIES: March 21st – April 20th

Your ability to put your foot in your mouth is not going to help you win friends and influence people. Tense discussions are underway, what counts is getting to the heart of the matter, as it looks as though someone is not being totally honest with you. Be certain not to make any emotional purchases and to read the small print on any long – term financial contracts before signing your life away. Venus is in 3rd house the area of your chart devoted to short distance journeys, social activities and the mind. The latter is going to be extremely active, particularly if you happen to be creative and those around you at work are going to be really impressed – including the boss. The Full Moon on the 7th warns you to be careful of getting jealous or envious of others over money or matters involving the opposite sex. The New moon on the 22nd is the ideal time to investigate subjects that have always fascinated you and for short distance journeys.  


TAURUS: April 21st – May 21st

Happy Birthday Taurus! Venus in Gemini, the financial area of your chart throws from a happy glow over your money and income which for some reason seems to be swelling.  Perhaps you have been very clever and got a pay rise. This does not mean that you can rob your own bank account because if you do, you will regret it for quite some time.  You would be wise to create an emergency fund where you can have access to savings to cover bills, mortgage payments and necessities. Neptune’s strong influence warns you to be very wary of scammers at the moment or someone trying to sign you up to something over the phone.  The Full Moon on the 7th focuses on closest relationships and you will need to be careful of being overly stubborn and arrogant, failure to do this will create issues with those you value the most.  The New Moon on the 22nd is urging you to focus on improving your image at work or creating a new income stream.


GEMINI: May 22nd – June 21st

Venus will be moving along in your sign so you look good and feel good and can hardly go wrong unless you really try.  Those of you in a relationship may decide to take it the next step and make a commitment or agree to a long plan goal.  Gemini’s don’t take commitments lightly, so any decisions on this front will be made carefully. The planets encourage you to have faith in yourself, this is the time to persuade others that you can take charge of a delicate situation. What others don’t realize is that you have an uncanny ability to uncover hidden facts and information, as you have a detective-like mind.  Throughout May, do not doubt your abilities, stand your ground and trust your intuition. The Full Moon on the 7th warns you to be careful of exhaustion and not to overload your schedule. Also, stop putting off an annoying health concern and get yourself to your GP.  The New Moon on the 22nd is the ideal time to indulge yourself in something special!  


CANCER: June 22nd – July 22nd

 The secretive area of your chart is highlighted by Venus and you’re your imagination is running riot.  If you have an artistic job, you will certainly be doing very well.  One little word of caution though if you already have a mate, don’t be tempted by a nice pair of shoulders or a great body.  This is only superficial and besides everything else, you could very well be found out if you are not careful. Owed to the influence of Neptune you need to be careful of becoming involved with people or situations which are insincere. You have amazing insights and intuitions which have never let you down so have faith in your inner voice.  The Full moon on the 7th could be a difficult time for you regarding friends, lovers, children and social life, issues that you have been ignoring are about to come into focus. The New Moon on the 22nd is the ideal time to beaver away in the background and focus on putting your life into order.  


LEO: July 23rd – August 23rd

Venus is in your 11th house the area of your chart devoted to your friends and social life, in fact, new people you meet could introduce to potential lovers. We know how charming and flirtatious you are, but if you already have a mate at home you’ll need to be careful; if you imagine you can pull the wool over their eyes, you are in for a very big surprise.  The tension in the planets is urging you to think about those patterns of behaviour that lead you to doubt yourself when there is no need to do so.  Some of your friends may be getting at you through their game playing, although they are charming and persuasive, you know they are not being completely honest.  The Full Moon on the 7th indicates issues with loved ones and if they are being unreasonable, you have every right to more respect.  The New Moon on the 22nd is the ideal time to make fresh starts with your career, ambitions and public image.   


VIRGO: August 24th – September 23rd

It is the career point of your chart that is highlighted, and you are much more confident with professional matters.  It’s a great time for putting ingenious ideas to your boss because he or she will most definitely listen. Whatever anybody else says to the contrary, you must remember that you are impressive.  Neptune creates confusion in your personal – life and you may have the feeling that someone is not being completely truthful with you. Your intuition and instincts will help to uncover hidden details and information.  The Full Moon on the 7th indicates that it’s a bit much when others assume, you’ll do what they want in fact, the more you fall in with their plans, the more they’ll be difficult to deal with.  Rather than appear too willing, show that you have a mind of your own and it will give you self – assurance.  The New Moon on the 22nd is the ideal time to connect with those from interstate or overseas.


LIBRA: September 24th – October 23rd

Venus is in the area of your chart devoted to matters abroad, so if you have friends, family and acquaintances a long way off, you will be hearing from them.  When it comes to a possible romance you may very well be drawn to somebody with a strange accent. However, long-distance relationships rarely last, so don’t allow yourself to get to involved, especially with those you meet on social media.  Neptune is causing confusion with your work and It’s fair to say you’ve tried hard to enforce a rational approach to a complex matter, but there still seems to be stormy emotional undercurrents.  Stop worrying about keeping the peace – others can sort their own differences.  The Full Moon on the 7th indicates that being thrifty is certainly not on your mind and your partner is not happy about it.  The New Moon on the 22nd is the ideal time to organize a future – plan regarding financial matters which may involve the sale of property or retirement.  



SCORPIO: October 24th – November 22nd

 The planets are focusing on the area of your chart that is devoted to health matters, where you need to take a bit of extra care.  Relationships with your workmates also need some consideration.  You are a hard – worker, let’s face it Scorpio when you become wrapped up in your ambitions, there aren’t many people who can keep up with you.  No doubt this will make you smile because you love to be ‘top dog’, don’t you!  Financial matters seem to have reached a vital stage and steps need to be taken to ensure long – term security and prosperity.  The Full moon in your own sign on the 7th connects with Neptune causing a great deal of confusion, you may find that other people are cranky and eccentric and almost impossible to pin down.  The best thing you can do is be independent and get on with your own thing.  The New moon on the 22nd is ideal for dealing with joint finances and sorting out official or government matters.


SAGITTARIUS: November 23rd – December 21st

Venus will be drifting along in Gemini, your opposite number, so you’re going to have to comply with other people’s wishes and thoughts and be much more considerate than is usually the case. New people who enter your life will be anything but straightforward and honest with you and when you find out about their deception, heaven help them.  Be picky and alert because you’re certainly going to need these two characteristics on your side.  On a business or career front, you must confront reality and be prepared to begin again from scratch.  Right now, you can meet any challenge and will be pleased with the way you perform.  The Full Moon on the 7th indicates that you need to rest and recuperate if you don’t you are going to be exhausted.  Don’t let the worries at the back of your mind keep you awake at night.  The New moon on the 22nd   is the ideal time to let that someone special know just how much they mean to you.


CAPRICORN: December 22nd – January 20th

The areas of your chart that are devoted to daily routine and hard work are being influenced by Venus and luckily you are not the type to baulk when you are overloaded.  You simply put your head down and push ahead at your own pace.  This is exactly what you should be doing, so don’t worry about anything – the stars will sort it out for you in the fullness of time. Regardless of setbacks or disappointments, you may have experienced recently, you are well on the road to recovery and success. One thing you need to do is to keep an eye on is money.  It might be a good idea to trim your expenses and take a second look at your budget.  The Full moon on the 7th indicates that there may be issues with friends and you are going to need to speak up about things you don’t approve of, there is no point in bottling things up. The New Moon on the 22nd is the ideal time to start a new health routine and to remove certain food groups from your diet.                          


AQUARIUS: January 21st – February 19th

Venus in Gemini means invitations for enjoyment, socializing and romance are all coming your way.  If you already have a mate, you’ll need to be careful.  If you do anything underhand, you’re going to be found out – bear that in mind.  This is the right time to put a plan or project into action, especially if it will enhance your future security.  That isn’t to say you should make some dramatic changes, but you should certainly be thinking of ways to solve your current financial difficulties and look after your interests in the months ahead.  The Full Moon on the 7th warns you to be careful of treading on the egos of others at work.  Certain issues are now coming to a head and you must deal with them realistically. The New Moon on the 22nd is the ideal time to enjoy the company of younger people.


PISCES: February 20th – March 20th

Neptune is in a challenging aspect with Venus and you may be experiencing a great deal of inner stress, so be kind to yourself, don’t overcrowd your program.  If you ignore this advice, don’t be surprised if you upset some important people – the choice is entirely up to you.  Those closest to you, both at home and at work, may want to make some changes.  Don’t worry, because this is unlikely to be anything too drastic. Ensure you listen to them and if you think they’re being completely impractical, gently point out the pitfalls in their plans without being too arrogant.  The Full Moon on the 7th warns you to be careful of being narrow-minded, sexist or racist. The New Moon on the 22nd is the ideal time to enjoy the special connections you have with long term friends and family members.