Many people wish to make contact with their loved ones who have passed away.

To do this for his clients, Francis sits quietly for a few moments and allows impressions, words and feelings to enter his mind. After a few minutes Francis starts to receive some sort of message.

Whilst these impressions don’t mean a great deal to him he passes them onto his clients who are quite easily able to relate to them.

When a client makes a booking they inform Francis who they would like to make contact with, he immediately starts to receive impressions and messages, as the deceased are equally eager to contact their loved ones they left behind. If a loved one has made contact with another family member, friend or relative on the other side they are extremely keen to relay this information.

When Francis contacts your loved ones on the other side they will often mention other family members they have left behind who they wish to pass their regards onto. They will also make reference to changes coming up in the clients life or that of other family members.

They also mention trivial things that mean nothing to anybody except a close loved one. At most times spirits can be quite jovial, warm and fun loving but on other occasions will be rather judgmental especially if they don¹t approve of something that the seeker is doing. Also if they believed in a certain religion whilst they where alive quite often this is mentioned. 

Once a spirit has been contacted they very often mention how they passed over. They also tend to give Francis a very clear image of their personality. If they had a long term illness or troubles with their limbs Francis actually feels this in his own body. 

When we are in times of troubles or uncertainty in our lives Francis believes like thousands of other people that we should call upon our loved ones who have passed away for assistance or guidance. 

Nothing brings Francis more joy than to be able to connect other people to their loved ones who have passed away.

 Face to Face Session costs $300.00 AUD per hour includes GST


Oh My God! your reading is so accurate that it’s making me get chills. 

 I just can’t believe that you can pick this all up by an email reading. I think you are really amazing at what you do. I know some people think that psychics are all rubbish. But I think its something special.

Elissa – Auckland, New Zealand


Thank you so much, Francis for my phone reading and for being so understanding and compassionate.

You have been so deadly accurate with my personal issues, health problems and with my eldest daughter. You are the only one I know I can trust as you have amazing insights. I strongly recommend you to anyone in needs of guidance.

– Sheridan – Albury, Australia


Wow, Francis, you are amazing! I first met you when you visited Singapore in 2014 and your entire readings have always resonated with me. However, your recent reading on my daughter Annabelle has been spot on. Your advice on how to handle her is particularly helpful and insightful. I just need to apply it. Thanks for everything.
Faith – Singapore

– Extra Times