Numerology is an ancient art, first studied by the Hebrews, used to understand the constantly changing universal vibrations which affect us all.

As the day, month and year changes, so do the vibrations on which numerology is based. The concept of Numerology is closely related to astrology as each number links to a horoscope sign or a planet. The numerological system used today is based on the theories of the Greek Mathematician and Philosopher Pythagoras, who believed that everything in the universe was ordered mathematically.

Each number has both negative and positive characteristics and rules certain areas, both mental and physical, as well as things concrete and abstract. The basis of Numerology is that the numbers from 1- 9 along with zero exert an influence on our lives every day. Each person has a Ruling Number that exerts an influence on their lives. Your Ruling Number is found by adding the numbers of your birth date until they are condensed into a single digit. Every time you write down your date of birth, you are drawing on the psychic energy of that number.

Without numbers, there would be no progress in life. This is why we have Universal Year Numbers (found by reducing the digits of any calendar year to its lowest common denominator); Universal Month (found by adding the universal year number to the calendar month number) and Day Numbers (found by adding the Universal year number, the calendar month and the day number). Personal Year, Month and Day Numbers have special influence over the individual and can be used to predict when the ups and downs of fate are likely to be most potent.

Numerology Forecast 2020

What does 2020 Hold?
This is not only a general forecast for 2020, but provides guidance on love, career, finances, health, family life and spiritual development. Your Numerology forecast highlights your Ruling Number, Life Path Number, Your Lucky numbers and a month by month guide for 2020.

These are 1hr voice recordings and provide a character analysis through Numerology places everyone in their right place; it gives them a blueprint of the opportunities they were born to accomplish and shows them the best way to live their life. Happiness, success and the joy of living are rewards for those who wisely follow the destiny of their Life Path Number.

To forecast this accurately for you Francis requires:
 Your name
 Your date of birth (date/month/year)
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Price: $350.00 AUD includes GST.
Note: Please allow 5 working days for your order to be processed.


ou have an amazing gift both as a teacher and a professional reader and I am keen to develop my metaphysical abilities further, therefore will be keeping a sharp eye out for your return trip in 2016. Please stay in touch.

– Avan – Singapore


hanks for the extremely accurate reading yesterday. It gave me reassurance regarding my ‘Wheel of Fortune’ and direction in life. 

Last night my husband listened to the recording and was amazed by your accuracy in my reading. I’m looking forward to moving ahead in life and leaving all my worries behind. Thank you!

– Karen – Darwin, Australia