The riddle of why the Tarot cards work lies within the mind of the reader rather than in the actual cards. 

The images act as mirrors which offer a reflection of unsuspected knowledge buried deep in the unconscious mind. The Tarot works as a bridge between our conscious and unconscious knowledge. Answers and knowledge arise out of the unconscious through dream, fantasy and intuition, and the Tarot cards, stimulate this intuition when sensitively read.

Many card readers meditate before attempting a reading others prefer to simply hold the cards in their hands and to ask for guidance and direction from the universe. In fact the best Tarot card Readers are those who have taken the time to develop their intuition and psychic insight.

To develop yourself as a truly sensitive reader you have to be serious in your intention. You need to be aware of what your cards can and cannot do for you.

They can give direction and guidance for future events, they can clarify a difficult situation which makes it possible for you to start thinking about it in a different light, and they can suggest opportunities for change or action. However, what the cards will not do is state any definite unchangeable events.

Their message is often necessarily vague, as it is important to give the seeker room to make up his or own mind about a matter. Specific questions are very difficult to answer, and the cards should be used as a guidance rather than a hard – and – fast way to behave. The Tarot makes an excellent guide but a bad master. After all it is you who is the master of your own destiny.

Whenever Francis is dealing with a difficult situation in a reading, he discusses options of what can be done. He also believes in using his psychic insight to help give extra guidance or to tune into information that the Tarot may not have identified. Having been a professional Clairvoyant for 21 years Francis is highly skilled at guiding others, especially when they are in a state of indecision and confusion.

The Lovers Tarot is a unique interpretation of the Major Arcana. They have been designed especially by Jane Lyle to help the reader focus on love and relationship issues because they arise so frequently in people’s lives. Francis uses them because whilst classic Tarot books mention relationships, they do not offer and in – depth analysis card by card.


There is much insight that can be obtained from a card reading using the everyday playing cards. They can give insights to the seeker as to what is about to happen in his life in both the short and long term future. Francis uses them, as they have an uncanny level of accuracy, they also help to clarify certain situations that the Tarot for one reason or not is unable to do so. In other circumstance they also will back up the Tarot and help to bring greater awareness to the seeker.

 Face to Face Session costs $300.00 per hour AUD includes GST.


Thank you very much for your spot reading regarding my work. I have had other readings with you and find your time frames spot on. In my last reading, you told me that I would be in my dream job within the timeframe (2 weeks) and you were spot on.

Thank you once again for an amazing reading and I always will come back to you for advice and highly recommend you to others.

– Judy – Melbourne, Australia


I just wanted to say thank you for your amazing reading last Friday night. It has given me so much more patience knowing that everything is as I have been feeling and your validation has given me the ability to direct my energy to where I need right now; work wise and my current life situation and allowing the space and time and trusting the universe for my new life in Canada, just give it the time it needs.

So thank you again, I will happily recommend you to anyone who needs professional, grounded advice and direction.

– Natalie – Melbourne, Australia