Francis has an incredible gift and an uncanny ability to read not only the future but the intricacies of emotional situations, giving guidance based on the dynamics he picks up from the people involved. At times, his predictions and insights have been so accurate that he’s gotten even the smaller details right. Highly recommend. 

Anna Alexander

I appreciate the connection with you in Singapore. It was such an honour to have met the “master”!

Thank you so much for your amazing workshops Psychic Sense 1 and 2, and the incredible “advice” you gave me on a few important aspects of my life in this juncture, when you did a private face to face reading with me.

You have an amazing gift both as a teacher and a professional reader and I am keen to develop my metaphysical abilities further, therefore will be keeping a sharp eye out for your return trip in 2016. Please stay in touch.



I’m thinking what in the world am I doing attending a Psychic’s Talk?! I’m kinda skeptical with the American one on TV, so I just went with an open mind. The sharing session was by Australian Celebrity Psychic Francis Bevan at the Golden Space. Thanks to the Golden Space family for sharing and for reminding me serendipitously.

Francis first did a reading for my friend Lih Woon and that was awesome. He did many readings, one for a lady and that was especially touching because she got much sought after answers. Her father was killed in a car crash and Francis correctly identified that it was her father’s heart attack that caused the incident.

Then he did a reading for me and I was stunned at his accuracy. I hardly tell people those things and it’s not on facebook, so it’s very cool to have a personal reading done.



Hi Francis. Want to let you know that what you said has come to pass. 2 yrs ago I had a reading with you at the MBS Adelaide.

Malcolm and Sarah are expecting their first child. Due end of September. You predicted this would happen in 2 yrs.

You are an amazing person and psychic. Love and blessings.


Adelaide, Australia

My name is Christine and I managed to have a phone reading with you on Psychic TV a couple of nights ago. I would like to say thank you for that reading and to confirm your accuracy of the details you told me about my son Jakob and my husband Rob.

My son died by suicide in July and his father (my husband) passed away 4 and a half months later due to a stroke. My world is shattered, however, I remain strong for my remaining children. It was incredibly uplifting to hear your connections with my two beloved men.

Thanking you with all my heart.


Sydney, Australia

Thank you for your email reading and insightful advice from your Psychic team members. I received the reading today,

Thursday, November, 15th 2018 from your office and appreciate the kind, meaningful and accurate reading. Thanks again!


Sydney, Australia

Francis the information you gave me helped me to understand where I was in life, in the moment and why life was not going in the direction it should.

After your reading, I was able to inspire my self and get back on track


Geelong, Australia

I met Francis recently and had an in-depth reading with him, I also totally enjoyed his workshop ‘Become your own medium’ in Melbourne. The moment I met Francis I felt immediately comfortable and on the same wavelength as him.

I was impressed with the accuracy of his reading, giving me sound and intuitive guidance on difficult areas in my life. Unexpectedly, he gave me closure for some childhood trauma. His warmth and compassion was evident in the workshop as well.

The workshop was a fantastic place for me to get conformation of some ability I have and to start my journey. Through the workshop I discovered that I have natural clairvoyant abilities and Francis taught me how to put it to use in my everyday life.


Melbourne, Australia

During the past 12 months, I have had the great pleasure of being aware of my own spiritual uniqueness. This came about through me being more aware of my intuition.

Francis recommended that I attend “Become your own Psychic” he explained that this would help me learn to trust my own instincts. Francis delivered the course at a level that all the delegates could understand, he was patient with our questions, he answered and explained each step very clearly, instilling confidence within all of us.

I have never experienced such a shift within myself in such a short time. It has truly made such a difference to my approach to trusting my own intuition. The exciting stuff will keep on coming, Francis explained, the more these skills are practiced the more confident I am becoming.

Thank you for this life-changing course.


Brisbane, Australia

Thanks for the extremely accurate reading yesterday. It gave me reassurance regarding my ‘Wheel of Fortune’ and direction in life.

It amazed me how you identified on an intuitive level that I had been through breast cancer and come out the other side. Glad to hear that a recurrence is unlikely which supports the opinions of my doctors.

I will continue to support my friend who is terminal. Travel is happening next week, heading off on a 13 night cruise celebrating my 40th birthday with family and friends, including my parents where you suspected overseas travel soon.

You accurately identified myself going through job changes at the moment and as I work towards my goal of education using my past experiences to assist me (midwifery/ nursing).Yes, public speaking on awareness is definitely on the increase as I gain more confidence. You clearly described our children and families very well.

Last night my husband listened to the recording and was amazed by your accuracy in my reading. I’m looking forward to moving ahead in life and leaving all my worries behind. Thank you!


Darwin, Australia

Thank you for all the wonderful healing work you do which turns grief into comfort.

It was so lovely to finally hear from my mother, the connection you made with her on stage in Brisbane on Sunday brought so much joy to my sister Helen and I and we sincerely “thank you” and look forward to seeing you when you are back in Brisbane in June.

I have it circled on my calendar and I am really enjoying your book. Your compassion shines through in your readings.

Nance & Helen

Brisbane, Australia

I have had several psychic readings over the phone from Francis Bevan in the past few years. I call Francis when I really need guidance is some areas of my life. I usually get a reading when I need guidance in the areas of my finances, relationships and career.

The readings are always clear and easily understood, but more than that they are accurate. My last reading absolutely blew me away when some of the things that he picked up on about me, people around me and the current situations in my life were so very accurate and then the predictions that Francis made started occurring in the days and weeks preceding the reading.

Talking to Francis really puts my mind at ease and helps me to make decisions in my life. I always feel much calmer after my readings.

Thank you, Francis, I will continue to seek guidance from you in the future.


Byron Bay, Australia

Just a short message to say thank you for my reading at the Mind Body and Spirit show in Melbourne on the weekend. It was lovely to meet you as I watch you on Psychic TV and look forward to watching you when you are on again.

Your reading helped me to realize that all will be ok with my daughter and her situation and has brought me peace of mind, so thanks again Francis.


Melbourne, Australia

When you took the main stage in Woollonong at the Psychic Expo at Win Stadium on Friday July 8th you connected with long lost family friends who I grew up with. You correctly pinpointed my friends by stating that they were a mother and grandmother duo who were English royalist. I grew up with this family like I was one of their children,

This was my best friends’ family, I assisted with the passing of her mother. You also correctly said that there was a brother figure with them who had passed shortly after the mums passing and once again you were spot on! You then said you could see tress and one particular tree stood out to you.

The family lived at ‘tip tree’ in Bombala surrounded by forest. You also said that there was a surviving family member by the name of Scott. This shocked me as he is the only remaining living family member of this group. I always hoped that I had done enough for this family as I always felt so loved by them.

Many thanks for your amazing platform reading.


Wollongong, Australia

I have been a client of Francis for twelve years now. I have been astounded by his accuracy every time. Whether its tarot, astrology or clairvoyance, his predictions have all came true.

Because of his wonderful advice, it has gotten me through some very rough patches in my life. He isn’t just a wonderful psychic- he has a natural way of counselling the client, just like a close friend. I have special bond with Francis – it was his book “The Handbook of Fortune Telling” that I discovered my own psychic and mediumship abilities and later became a reader myself.

I look back on my readings over the years with Francis with gratitude and admiration for his unique gifts.


Sydney, Australia

I did a 6 week Psychic Development course and a 12 week Tarot card reading course with Francis. Francis stipulated that because I was only 15, I would need a parent or grandparent to join me in the class.

Francis has been a staple in my life for the last 27 years. The friendship, love and admiration that I have for this wonderful person is beyond measure. Nan was extremely psychic and I believe that I inherited my gifts from her.

How blessed I am to still have Francis in my life. I highly recommend him and his services to anyone in need of guidance or to develop their skills.


Sydney, Australia

I have known Francis for some years now – I remember I first phoned Francis up because I was curious about my work – I plucked him out of the phone book (and glad I did !!!).

I found him to be spot on about several things that I knew where on the drawing cards. Since then I have phoned Francis on other occasions particularly when things have gone pear-shaped for me –once again he has always been spot on!

It has been SPOOKY. Francis is not only accurate but as a person he is very caring – which immediately puts you at ease.


Sydney, Australia

Francis, thank you – what you say rings so true. Mum was well-loved and popular with people and she did shoulder some enormous responsibilities. There are eyesight problems in the family, and she loved to knit and draw.

We are Catholic, and Mum did like cricket and her grandchildren are good at sports. My partner and I have some property and have talked bout selling it. Mum fell out with one of her sisters and I think this weighed on her.

Mum has a great-grandson who suffers from asthma and bronchitis, which runs in our family. She loved her garden very much and took pride in it. The initial M would be of meaning as I have two daughters – Maree and Moira – and a sister Margaret. Moira my sister was there with mum at the end and performed CPR on her.

Beyond Responses

Good Health & Medicine September Issue, Australia

I just would like to say a huge thank you, for the “Become Your Own Medium” Workshop in Canberra on Sunday, May 4th.

For quite some time, I had been completely lost and self-absorbed with what my purpose is in this world, occasionally wondering if I was meant to be here in this world, after your reading on Saturday and the workshop on Sunday, I came away over the moon, feeling, more at peace, a clearer vision and a sense of purpose.

I had a fabulous time on Sunday, with such lovely people was a real bonus! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


Canberra, Australia

Having known Francis’ for over 10 years, I have had many readings with him. Francis always communicates openly and honestly and will answer all questions without judgment.

Due to his professionalism I have never hesitated in referring friends or family to Francis for accurate and honest readings.


Brisbane, Australia

I have been consulting Francis for about 5 years. I have found his readings to be accurate a lot of the times and he has been very accurate in describing the people in my life or people whom I have yet to meet.

Most importantly, Francis has always made himself available to talk to me and unlike other psychics I have used, Francis is professional, concise and answers my questions.


Melbourne, Australia

Well I just want to say WOW WEEE! How amazing was mine and Sharon’s day at the Conscious Living Expo in Perth. We took a seat at center stage and to our surprise, Francis Bevan was reading the audience.

Myself and my sister got a reading and you were absolutely dead on the ball, not just with us, but everyone that you read for, they were all nodding in agreement. I have always been a big fan of yours on Psychic TV, but to see you deliver so many spot-on readings in person was a real pleasure.


Perth, Australia

I had a phone reading with you a couple of weeks ago, I just have to let you know how absolutely correct you were.

I have been trying to find a true Psychic for some time now and I finally have. So thank you!


Sydney, Australia

Francis has read for me over the last eight years. The information is always precise, direct, and compelling.

Due to this, I have found constant guidance through each reading which allows me to tackle each area of my life with a cautious and accurate approach.


Sydney, Australia

I attended Francis’s “Become Your Own Psychic” workshop not really knowing what to expect. The day exceeded my expectations and I was amazed at the results.

It has definitely helped me to develop and trust my own intuition, far beyond my expectations. Francis has passed on exercises to help continue developing these skills in everyday life.

The workshop was a great experience and I will be looking forward to attending more in the future, I would recommend Francis’s workshops to others.


Sydney, Australia

This is indeed an honour. I have known Francis Bevan for many, many years that actually go back to a reading that I had with Francis in the mid eighties in a new age bookshop.

At the time I found the reading very helpful for my situation and I pursued psychic development courses with Francis. I gained great insight and knowledge from these courses. I continued to have readings with Francis as I was going through a very difficult period in my life and the spiritual guidance was very beneficial. I have just returned to Australia from living overseas for six and a half years. Living in the United Arab Emirates provided immense challenges and culture shock.

Francis again came to the rescue and the readings I had provided detailed knowledge on important health matters, finance, career, family and relationships. I would not hesitate to recommend Francis Bevan to anyone who needs spiritual guidance or psychic development courses.


United Arab Emirates

I would like to say “Thank you” for the audience reading and face to face reading at the Conscious Living Festival RoseHill Gardens Sydney on Saturday May 24th 2014. When you talking on the stage I was talking with your female staff member on your stand! Trying to get some information about your service!

Myself and my wife decided to listen to your demonstration, as soon as we sat down, you gave me eye contact and tuned directly into me and started talking about my kids!

You then told me about My DAD!! who has passed over and the way you so accurately described him made me Cry:-(((( I left the area, washed my face and on the way made two 20 min face to face readings for my wife and myself!!

It was a short time to get enough specific details, but from whatever you told me everything was correct about my life!!! I am very happy to meet you today! I will like to get more information from my Dad!! I will recommend you for anyone needing a reading!!!! Thanks again.


Sydney, Australia

I have had readings with Francis since 2004 and have always found him accurate and insightful. Francis has always been honest with me and like a friend has shown me both my weaknesses and strengths.

Always encouraging me and helping me in the saddest and most troubling part of my life and always striving me on and guiding me.

I would recommend Francis to anyone who was after a great reading!!


Sydney, Australia

I first had a reading with Francis approximately 6 years ago and have been in regular contact ever since. Francis has been a great source of guidance in relation to my career, family and friendships. There have been many occasions where he has guided me through some “sticky” situations with a down to earth, practical and thoughtful approach.

Frances has proven to be very reliable, loyal and quite remarkable at his job. He has been given a wonderful gift and in my opinion uses it with wisdom and respect.

I have no doubt Frances will continue to assist people with his guidance for many years to come. I have very high expectations – Frances has exceeded them well beyond what us “mere mortals” can comprehend.

I can say with great affirmation that I highly recommend Frances Bevan!


Country NSW, Australia

Wow I was taken by surprise at “Become Your Own Psychic Workshop”, before Francis’ course I was scared to see and scared to trust my instincts telling myself it was “in my head”, although I completed the course a while ago, the understanding I received from this course has inspired me to see, listen and trust my intuition. I am looking forward to learning more from Francis. Thank you Francis.


Sydney, Australia

Thank you very much for your spot reading regarding my work. I have had other readings with you and find your time frames spot on. In my last reading, you told me that I would be in my dream job within the timeframe (2 weeks) and you were spot on. It all came true.

You correctly forecasted that I would be playing a supportive role and lead the organization to a new phase from a small business to a much larger one and you said that the people I would be working for would have a lot of respect for me. I must say that they have been treating me very well and nurturing me in every possible aspect.

Thank you once again for an amazing reading and I always will come back to you for advice and highly recommend you to others.



Melbourne, Australia

I just wanted to say thank you for your talk yesterday at the Mind Body Spirit Festival.

I got a lot out of it and was impressed by your commitment to continually expand your abilities.

I run Fear Busting 101 workshops based on the book ‘Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway’ and I will be passing on your tip about ‘building brick walls’ to block negative people!

I’ll be sure to book a reading with you in the near future.


Melbourne, Australia

Mum and I were in Europe recently and had a few moments when my dad and cousin who have now passed away, let us know they were there. I’m not sure if you recall during our Mediumship reading you mentioned the song “Black Betty” and that my dad kept saying to you “vintage cars” and I told you about his old jaguar.

Well, mum and I went to the Rolling Stones concert in Barcelona (my dads favourite band and favourite European city). Before they came out on stage “Black Betty” was played. Also on mum and dads wedding anniversary, mum and I were walking to dinner in Paris and this vintage Jaguar was parked on the street, the same colour/ year/ model as the one my dad had and was doing up when he was young. I’d like to think all of these things are little moments of magic and he was letting us know he was there with us.

I had to share this with you, as I’m so grateful for what you have shared with me. It’s helped me more than you know. I will happily refer you to anyone who is in need of guidance.


Adelaide, Australia

To the amazing Francis Bevan, you are so spot on! I requested a Mediumship reading on my friend Bella and as you correctly said she was full of life. You said there was a funny story about hair dye; We dyed our hair and did me blonde instead of red cheeky cow.

You correctly tuned into how she passed away due to her lung and heart give away. You tuned into us meeting in “The Library” which is spot on!! The 4 ladies are our 2 nans and 2 aunties in heaven with her.

Thank you very much. I broke down in tears, as I miss her so much more then words can say.


PsychicTV, Australia

I strongly recommend your books to anyone who wants to learn how to develop their psychic abilities. “Your Future by Reading the cards” is my favorite and has come into my life quite a few times throughout my years and cartomancy is one of my favourite styles of reading and it has served me and others well.

I use the 2 36xcard methods a lot. I find it very accurate. I ordered it again as my old one was stored for a long time and there were some pages missing, lol. This is the book I seem to be led back to every time.

Thank you so much for the effort you put in to create this valuable piece. It is one thing to read but always intrigues me as to how someone can create such a book. I mean how certain cards have meanings which provide knowledge and understanding through source driven means. Anyway just wanted to express my gratitude.


Queensland, Australia

Thank you very much for your readings and advice which assisted me in making a better decision and viewing things in another perspective.

Your honesty, accuracy in every single reading and wonderful personality are treasures especially In the Psychic Industry. I have had readings with many others prior to speaking to you (thousands of dollars) and nothing came true/beneficial to me.

You turned it around. Advice you offer is realistic and beneficial. Highly recommend your services to anyone easily just because I know 100% you are a REAL DEAL and a caring person.

Yawen Yang

Melbourne, Australia

Thanks for the reading during your stage presentation on Sunday at the Adelaide BMP expo. I had felt all morning that dad was with me and would make contact and to have that confirmation from you was great.

You were spot on with your description of him and all of the renovations that have been taking place. It was also good to get confirmation of my son going to Brisbane for his Uni work experience placement.

Although he has only just made inquiries and there is nothing available at the moment, I have felt very strongly that it will happen and now I know it will!!

Things are becoming clearer on the work front, and it was reassuring to hear I’m on the right track and that all is as it should be. Thank you again for sharing your wonderful gift with all who attended,


Adelaide, Australia

For six years I have discussed the progress of my life with Francis whose intelligence, psychic precision, and empathy have been a profound support in facing many challenges.

Many of his observations have not only helped me make good decisions but also understand a more holistic way in which life works.


Melbourne, Australia

I had just broken up from a long relationship and decided to have a reading with Francis and wow was I blown away how accurate he was. He told me my ex-boyfriend will to try to get back together and that will he make a few attempts at getting me back.

As predicted all happened in a matter of months and what a relief it was knowing what I knew as I was very fragile after the breakup and it helped me be strong and make better decisions.

Now I keep in regular contact with Francis regarding new relationships and career. I have had both face to face readings and also over the phone and I must say that it does not matter where you are the readings are just as accurate.


Perth, Australia

I have been reading Good Health Magazine for the last 5 years now. When I left Sydney and moved to Hong Kong, it was always a struggle to get hold of it. Rush at the end of the month to bookstores and search for it.

Apart from all the articles that I find interesting, it was your column. Curiosity to see what you said if it was true as accepted by the person writing in to you….

Then end of August I split up with my boyfriend and was distraught over it. I couldn’t find it in me to make any sense of what had happened. 12 hours ago we were happy kissed each other and went off to work,and here we were breaking up so suddenly.

I rang you from Hong Kong Francis and scheduled a 30 minutes reading to start with and extended it to another 30 minutes. Your insights were amazing. About what you said re my family was almost all accurate. I asked you then about my breakup and all the anxiety and pain I was going through.

You predicted certain events would take place in the coming days weeks and months…well…much as I willed fate or destiny to turn itself around and make me happy and that my boyfriend and I would be together again…your predictions re the upcoming days all turned out to be true.

Let’s see if the weeks and months ahead also go as predicted and as written in my fate for me……thank you, Francis, for your time and reading.


Hong Kong

I was a participant in the 3pm Friday January 31st session of the Psychic Duo (Francis Bevan and Amanda Hall) at the Health Harmony and soul Expo Gold Coast. When Francis Bevan took the stage he asked the audience if someone had been placing flowers at the side of the road. I was reluctant at first as I believed in a crowed that size there would be others.

When you persisted I put my hand up. My daughter and myself placed yellow roses at the side of the road were my partner was killed in a car accident. For six years they have flowered on remembrance day the anniversary of his death. When Francis described my partner I was shell shocked, however my friend beside me was jumping out of her chair due to the accuracy of his description. Francis described him as very lively, outgoing, young at heart and correctly stated that He raced motor bikes in his younger days and was a rebel. Francis also said the accident involved blocked vision. Yes, the drivers vision was blocked by a low sign on the road blocking out the motor bike my partner was riding.

Francis also spoke of my daughter having a tattoo. she has a large black and blue tattoo on her back with intertwined symbols of the zodiac for her and her two daughters. You also mentioned her daughter, my granddaughter. My partner up until his death was the father image for my daughter and my granddaughters and his passing was a big loss to them.

Thank you for lightening up the reading with the mention of my trip overseas, again I was not very responsive however you were on track you said a large continent with dark skinned people and I am going to Malaysia and also to Africa this year. Thank you for the message that he will be with me. You also mentioned my dad passed and that he had made connection with my partner. Thank you again for such an accurate, helpful and healing reading.


Gold Coast, Australia

I couldn’t have been happier with the amazing results I achieved when I attended Francis’s workshop “Become Your Own Psychic”.

I was hoping to be able to trust my intuition a little more for personal development, however, my results were far beyond what I thought I was capable of.

Francis provided a great day, with a good balance of discussion and exercises, with one on one feedback, support & encouragement.


Sydney, Australia

Thank you very much for my reading and what you did for my friend Zara. She was over the moon! I know we are all guided in the direction our greater consciousness takes us toward and I’m thrilled to have stumbled upon you.

In my time of solitude and inner reflection, as you rightfully pointed out, I’ve discovered I can create art which I love doing and then giving away.

Thank you for also creating the awareness in me that I have not let go. I am grateful for the time you allocated and even more grateful that the universe allows gems like yourself with gifts as such to be of service to the rest of us, lighting our way.



Heartfelt thanks Francis to you for giving me the opportunity to learn and grow in today’s workshop, in Melbourne, I learnt so much that I wanted to keep on learning.

I’m always seeking and turning of my analytical mind has been a real challenge, but I will be patient and allow the information to come to me. Thanks for sharing yourself with the class today. I will Definitely use my new skills in everyday life.


Melbourne, Australia

I have known Francis for 3 years. I have found his readings to be clear, intuitive & personally accurate.

I would recommend that if you are searching for a window to bring clarity in your thinking & heart, then you need to arrange time with Francis.



I am writing this email on behalf of my mother, she had a reading with you at the Melbourne Mind Body Spirit Festival, as she was desperately worried about my brother’s health. During your “Become Your Own Psychic” Lecture, you said one of the challenges for a professional psychic is learning how to deliver bad news in a positive and empathetic light.

She knew you would tell her like it was! She asked you if he would live and you said he would. She asked you if he would walk again and you said he would but it would take 18 months to gain all his strength back and that he was a fighter (which he definitely is).

The following day he was diagnosed with a spinal tumour.You also said that a male doctor would take interest in the case because it was rare, which is spot on.

Thank you for your professional and accurate guidance and direction.


Terese & Natalie

Melbourne, Australia

Just a little “thank you” for the course on Sunday. I learnt a lot of things that I will be able to use. I love your book. I liked that you pushed me and my fellow class members to have faith in our abilities and that you wouldn’t let us rest on our laurels.

I now have a lot more faith in my abilities owed to your grounded and no nonsense approach to psychic development. I know I can go further and achieve greater things and that my readings will be more accurate and my clients will walk away very happy.

I look forward to attending further classes and workshops and to connecting with you at the mind body spirit festival and other psychic fairs.


Sydney, Australia

Thank you very much for an insightful and accurate reading. You were spot on with the current work situation and provided good advice on how to navigate the tricky situations.

You reassured and emphasied what my intuition had been trying to tell me. When it comes to my relationship, I just can’t believe how accurately you described myself and my partner. You even picked up that we will be purchasing a property and described one of my close older friend.

I would definitely recommend your services to everyone for readings or advice. Francis does not sugarcoat things. Alternatively, you told me what is the best for me. I Definitely will be back!


Sydney, Australia

I just wanted to say thank you for your amazing reading last Friday night. It has given me so much more patience knowing that everything is as I have been feeling and your validation has given me the ability to direct my energy to where I need right now; work wise and my current life situation and allowing the space and time and trusting the universe for my new life in Canada, just give it the time it needs. So thank you again.

I will happily recommend you to anyone who needs professional, grounded advice and direction.



Melbourne, Australia

Oh My God! your reading is so accurate that it’s making me get chills. There is tension going on amongst family members about my grandparent’s will and the sale of their house. My uncle isn’t speaking to his sisters and has been accusing us of taking things from the house etc.

He is more worried about money and is obsessed with everything that is going on.

You mentioned in your email reading that I would be setting up or dismantling a home. I guess we have been dismantling my grandparents house. I just can’t believe that you can pick this all up by an email reading. I think you are really amazing at what you do.

I know some people think that psychics are all rubbish. But I think its something special.


Auckland, New Zealand